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15 Seconds of Fame

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Since my switch into the culinary scene over four years ago, many people have (jokingly?) told me that they'll keep an eye out for me on shows like Chopped or Hell's Kitchen.

Well, not to be Debbie Downer, but I have no plans for auditioning, and don't see this ever changing in the future.  Almost all of the people who apply do it for the short term attention and/or long term fame, and I simply don't have the desire for either.

I cook for a living because that's what I love doing.  And I keep the interest alive each day through constant teaching and learning.  On a small scale, this might mean reading new cookbooks and culinary biographies, watching cooking-related documentaries, or even writing this blog.  On a larger scale, this has been accomplished through changes in workplaces, forming new connections in the field, checking out trade shows, or participating in cooking competitions.  Whatever keeps the career interesting, I'm up for.

So on that note, last fall a good friend of mine and I had some fun participating in several local cooking competitions, which resulted in an invite to the 2015 World Food Championships.  Although I tried to explain my experience through writing, I don't know how well of a picture I painted to readers.  Luckily though, the whole week was taped by professionals and edited down to a six-episode series that does a good job explaining what competitors went through.  The series was released this past summer, but unfortunately I wasn't able to watch it on cable.  I contacted the WFC several times since, and was assured that they'd find a way to let participants watch it online.  After 10 months since the competition, we finally got word that it was up and running online, and free to view!

Being only two hours long, I watched it over two nights.  It was fun being able to relive the week in the comfort of my bed (rather than the stressful, hot and humid cooking arena) and seeing so many familiar faces—some, a little too famliar, hah!

For your viewing pleasure, episodes are linked below; enjoy!

Part 1 of 6:  The Fight Begins (Dessert)

Part 2 of 6:  Follow the Steps (Recipe and Seafood)

Part 3 of 6:  Gouda Times (Pasta and Sandwich)

Part 4 of 6:  Battle of the Champs (Bacon and Burger)

Part 5 of 6:  Smokin' Hot (Chili and BBQ)

Part 6 of 6:  The Final Table (Final Nine Contestants)

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