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Dane County Farmers' Market 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Today I was originally supposed to be in Chicago for a food competition that I did last summer, but at the last minute we got a call from the organizers saying that unless someone drops out this week, we wouldn't be able to compete since they had registered too many groups.  After anxiously waiting, the follow-up phone call unfortunately never came.

So what's one to do with a rare Saturday off from work?  Go to the Dane County Farmers' Market of course!  Years ago, I was able to bike to the market almost every weekend, so today whenever I get the chance, I'll jump at the opportunity.  Looking at past posts, this seems to be a common analysis of mine.

When I got there, I was pleased to see all of the same familiar vendors, crowds of all ages coming together because of locally produced goods, and just the general vibe that you get from being downtown.
But I will admit, there was one thing about today's visit that I won't miss the next time I go:  the disgustingly humid weather.  For those not from the Madison area, we've been under an unusual stretch of high heat and high humidity, making for heat indexes that pass 100° F.  I usually make four or five laps around the square, but called it quits after two today.  One to scout everything out, and a second to make my purchases.  I left today with some heirloom cherry tomatoes, a Madison Sourdough baguette, a giant bunch of fresh basil, and some golden beets to roast later this week.
To those wondering what's in season this time of year, items that stood out to me today (in addition to the usual meats, cheeses, pastries, plants, etc. that are here every week) included cherries, blueberries, basil, green beans, beets, onions, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes.

Did anyone else brave the heat and make it today?

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