Dane County Farmers' Market 2015

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Today I had the pleasure of having a Saturday off from work, so I spent the first few hours of the day at the Dane County Farmers' Market!  [Side note:  For a detailed description about the market, visit this previous post].  Rather than describing the market once again, I'll leave you with more of a visual post this week.

It's always pretty obvious what's in season after taking a lap around the Square.  But today, before even taking a step around the block, spring flowers seemed to dominate the landscape.

Although there was quite a variety of fresh produce, items that stood out to me the most were bunches of asparagus, rhubarb, and morel mushrooms.
And then you'll have stands that sell the same products from week to week, including various honey vendors, local bakeries (Stella's being my go-to), and Wisconsin cheese stands.
And once I make my three or four laps around the Square, I make sure to take in the architecture as well as the entertainment on the east blocks of State Street.

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  1. Really great photos! I especially like the fourth one.

    Glad you got a Saturday off!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a nice surprise :)