Spice Rack Completion

Sunday, July 28, 2013

For probably close to two years now, I've been wanting to build my own spice rack.  Over the years, I've managed to collect 65+ different spices (and dried herbs).  Until recently, they've all been in their own, uniquely sized original containers, piled in an undersized crate.  As you can probably imagine, finding the spices I need for a certain recipe hasn't been the most pleasant experience.

I decided that if I ever did come up with a solution to this, it was going to be done right.  Bottles would be uniform in size.  They would each have their own label and would be alphabetized.  The racks themselves would need to be custom designed and built since affordable spice racks that house the number of spices I own are unheard of.  And lastly, the rack would have to have room for future additions.

The past week or two (with the much appreciated supervision of a 'woodworking master' friend), I've finally found the time to make a presentable and functional home for my spices and dried herbs!

Spice rack 1 of 2.

I ended up making two identical racks, each holding 30 containers.  If you're in the same situation that I was in and are looking for specifics on the bottles and/or shelf dimensions that I went with, please comment or contact via e-mail.

[What other solutions have you found for this common dilemma?]

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