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Guest Post - A Day at The Bayou

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Today's post comes from guest blogger (sister) Rebe.  After posting about my experience at Madison's 'The Bayou' on her blog, we get to hear Rebe's take of the experience below].

Last Monday, the 21st, brother Teej and I were both off from work (MLK Day), so we planned to go to The Bayou for lunch.  The Bayou is a New Orleans style tavern near the Capitol square, and it participated in Madison's Restaurant Week this winter.

The Bayou
Madison, WI
That Monday was the day it was freezing, freezing outside, so we rushed in (after I grabbed a pic from the outside) and easily found a table.  Here were our menu options during Restaurant Week:
I had gravy fries for my appetizer, which for me were like a meal in itself.  As I ate my way through the gravy fries, I kept wishing I hadn't had that second dinner late Sunday night!  I made brother Teej help me finish the fries once he was done with his Cajun cheese curds, as it kills my soul to waste food.  I tried a cheese curd; they were soft, which is different from any other cheese curd I've eaten.

Gravy fries & Cajun cheese curds at The Bayou in Madison, WI
For my entrée I had chicken and sausage jambalaya -- boy was it ever spicy!  It was during this part of the meal that I downed my whole glass of water and asked for a refill.

Chicken and sausage jambalaya & shrimp po' boy at The Bayou in Madison, WI
Brother Teej had the shrimp po' boy, which was a bit hard to share due to the sandwich's thickness.  I'm not a huge fan of shrimp, but I wanted to give it a try.  Nothing too special about it for me.  His sweet potato fries had a kick to them, though.  We were both filling up soon after receiving the entrées but we needed to have room for dessert, so we asked for boxes for our entrée leftovers before they brought out the final course.

Mini pecan pie a la mode & sweet potato bread pudding
I had the mini pecan pie, and gave my "a la mode" to brother Teej.  The pecan pie was a nice, sweet dessert, but the brother thought it was some pre-made purchased item.  I wouldn't doubt it, which was a shame.

Back before we ordered our meals, when I first saw the word "pudding" on the menu I was picturing a small bowl of - well, pudding.  So I was surprised when brother Teej's sweet potato bread pudding was a cube, as pictured above.  And then I paid more attention to the word "bread" before "pudding".

Funny that I'd never heard of this dessert before, then I ended up having it myself later that week at Brocach's Restaurant Week lunch when they were out of the ginger bread I had ordered.  (It was really tasty!)

In the end I don't think we were overly impressed with The Bayou's food, but it wasn't terrible or anything.  We just weren't overly impressed.  The scenery and ambiance inside The Bayou was pleasant though.  New Orleans-style music played the whole time, and the murals up on the second floor were great.  I love that the artist included two girls taking a selfie while two guys get in a fight a mere two feet away (top right):

After walking around upstairs to admire the murals, it was back out into the freezing cold for brother and I -- leftovers in hand.

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